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About Us

The Linq team consists of hardware, software, and application engineers (here in the US) from the facilities industry who have designed, manufactured, and installed systems throughout the US and abroad.

Our goal is to work with clients and partners to help solve business problems by harnessing the power of the cloud.

Collecting asset data in a facility is an important task for compliance and preventive maintenance. Facilities engineering staff are busy with today’s demanding work environment. Data capture rounds are time consuming and tedious work. But even worse, the value in this data is commonly lost or underutilized because it is manually written down on paper and stored in binders. There is no easy way to analyze this data for reporting purposes or finding problems before they occur.

Linq's cloud-based platform utilizes existing on-site smart phones and/or tablets at the facility to capture asset data via an app. The app pushes the data to a 100% cloud based platform to analyze and report on this data, and produce real-time alarms.

Product Features

Linq's programmers have coded a simple to use platform which was driven and developed with the help of engineering staff in facilities. Working with experts in the field, and with customers who wanted to efficiently and accurately capture asset data, we have streamlined almost every aspect of our software.

Quick Implementation

Very little effort is required by facility management. Facility personnel download the app, log in and start using the app. We do the rest.

Different Types of Data

Numbers, sentences, Yes/No responses, checklists, selections, and even pictures and other types of entries can be uploaded.

Automatic Reporting

Facility management can create an unlimited amount of reports and automate them to be sent to different email addresses.

No "Per-Seat" License

Facility management can add as many users, forms and reports as necessary, accruing no additional fees.

How do I get started?

Our platform provides a simple 3 step process to start collecting data at your facility for reporting & analytical purposes right away.

Step 1: Facility engineers provide the forms they fill out daily, monthly, or even just once, to Linq.

Step 2: Linq digitizes these forms into the app (Apple and Android).

Step 3: Engineering staff download the app, log in with their credentials and will immediately see a digital version of the forms they have been filling out by hand. At this point they can start using the app to collect data.

Other Features

Images can be captured as well as many other types of data.

Forms can be "programmed," or configured to show some fields only under certain conditions (e.g. when something is abnormal, new fields appear to ask for clarification).

Facility management can add as many rounds/users as necessary, accruing no additional fees.

QR codes can be added as needed per asset or per location.

Facility managers have complete and real-time control of any users or groups. Access permissions can be easily revoked and logs can be run on the submissions of any user.

Want to Know More?

Please contact us and we can provide references along and help you design your application. We can even do a proof of concept using one of the forms you are currently filling out manually.

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